Legacy Academy is a Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy multiplayer server that seeks to simulate the experience of a Jedi Knight in the Legacy era of Star Wars through a serious and immersive roleplaying environment. Members of our community have the opportunity to grow their character from student to Jedi Master. Character development is the base of our community, as we pride ourselves on high quality, story-rich roleplay.

The Jedi Temple server acts as our central hub of roleplay, where characters interact and learn together. Regular events, lessons, and forum creative writing, offer you the perfect opportunities to grow your character in our universe. Make friends and enemies, learn and train; live out the life you’ve always wanted. Where you take your character is up to you – the only limits are your imagination

With the power of our community-created mod, Legacy Roleplay, Legacy Academy provides members with the opportunity to modify the environment of Jedi Academy and fully immerse themselves in the roleplay. In our strictly roleplaying environment, there is no set schedule on what takes place, but we seek to maintain a consistent platform for character development. Our administrative team [the Knights and Masters] oversee and manages event that take place on our gameservers.  

Your character will begin their journey as a student between the ages of 10-12. Download our files, join our server, and meet the community. When your application is accepted, you can begin climbing the ladder of the Order. Go from Initiate to Padawan and train under one of our community’s Knights.  Once a Padawan has passed the Jedi Trials overseen by the Jedi Council, they may be promoted to the title of Jedi Knight.

Legacy Academy Curriculum:

  • Lightsaber Arts: built from the Open Jedi Project combat system, we give players a fresh opportunity to learn a new way to play Jedi Academy, while delving into what it really means to be a guardian of the Force.
  • Force Theory and Abilities: learn the mysteries of the Force and how they are applied. The Force offers a great opportunity for creative written RP to explore just how someone feels and interacts with the energies around us.
  • Ethics, Morals, and Philosophy: Ultimately, Jedi must fulfil their duty as benevolent guardians. They cannot do this without a sound understanding of why they do what they do, and the difference between right and wrong.
  • Diplomacy: While aggressive negotiations suits some, Jedi must also learn to talk their way out of situations.
  • History: Star Wars has a rich history, but as roleplayers we create our own future. History reinforces the lore of our community, and gives the opportunity for people’s actions and contributions to our universe to truly have a lasting impact. Check out our archives to learn more about our lore.

If you are interested in joining, check out our ‘How to Join’ guide on our forums.